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While many of our clients in the Seattle area enjoy an in-home massage as a convenience, we also have clients who book our massage services out of necessity to achieve an enhanced quality of life—for either themselves or a loved one. These include clients who have a chronic or terminal illness or are suffering from an injury or advanced age. A few examples of clients we see are cancer patients, geriatric patients, hospice patients, multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, Parkinson’s patients, and many more.

We have dedicated massage therapists who travel to nursing homes, hospitals, and private homes to provide therapeutic massage to people who have difficulty leaving their homes or even their beds. Often, these massages must be modified for the setting– clients may be in a hospital bed, recliner, or wheelchair. In many cases, the massages are arranged by family members, social workers, or guardians. Compassionate touch and presence play a huge role in treatment for this clientele.

Please be advised that this service is limited depending on the therapist’s availability.

How It Works

Please call us at (206) 769-1625 to discuss you or your loved one’s situation. We take the time to understand your needs or the needs of your loved one to plan the appropriate treatment. Some preplanning and discussion with a doctor or nurse may be required.

Schedule a day or time that is convenient for you.

We travel to you. It’s that simple.

You will always be in contact with a licensed massage therapist for all your questions and scheduling needs.


A Few Questions:


We love having the privilege to touch people’s lives not only by using our hands but also with our hearts.

What our clients say...

"I’m not sure if you know, but “anonymous” passed away today. Thank you for all the comfort you brought her. She told me multiple times that massage was the best gift she ever received. It gave me such comfort to give her a little joy at the end when I couldn’t be there. Thank you."


(Purchased in-home massage gift certificates for her 34-year-old childhood friend who was in hospice care)

"Thank you again for coming to my home and taking such lovely care of me at a time when it really, really helped! When I think of you I immediately sense, again, your gentle kindness. I'm sending you my best wishes and looking forward to seeing you again."

C.R., Seattle, WA

(Six Months Post-Surgery In-Home Massage Therapy)

"Thank you for the wonderful massages you provide for my elderly mother. Receiving a massage from you is one of the highlights of her month. She looks forward to her massages with you and talks about how great she feels for the entire week afterwards! Thank you again for the wonderful service you provide and for taking such care with my mother."

E.L., Seattle, WA

(In-Home Geriatric Massage)

"You are the talk of the nursing home! The staff always knows when you are scheduled to come in and provide massages because the couple here who receives massages from you talks about it to everyone. They love their massages. And their children, who arrange the massages, greatly appreciate your service and are happy that this is a way they are able to “give back” to their parents."

C.B., Activities Director, Seattle, WA

(Massage in Nursing Home)