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In-Room Hotel Massage

Forget advanced bookings - Massage Traveler will deliver the absolute best in therapeutic massage to your hotel at a moment's notice!

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Are you:

  • Visiting Seattle and in need of therapeutic massage therapy in your hotel room?
  • Looking to book Chair Massages for your business event or conference held at a hotel?
  • Thinking about adding massage to your Special Event held at a hotel?
  • Planning a Seattle Staycation?

We can help.

Massage Traveler™ LLC

Traveler’s Massage - For the Business Traveler and Visiting Tourist

Our lives are filled with stressful situations that can take a toll on our bodies. For many, traveling adds to the problem. Massage Traveler™ provides the relief you seek, with licensed massage therapists who will travel to you, providing therapeutic massage in the comfort and convenience of your hotel room.

Massage received by the traveler at their hotel is becoming a more accessible way to relieve the stresses of travel. As more people take to the skies, traveling by plane has grown increasingly frustrating and stressful, particularly for the business traveler.

Consequently, cases of people suffering from problems associated with flying have increased dramatically. Anxiety is a common problem. Jet lag and cramped conditions lead to stiffness and other issues. Massage soothes and relieves these problems.

Massage Traveler™ LLC

Massage Benefits for the Traveler

Relieves Stiffness From Travel

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Helps Relieve Jet Lag

Increases Relaxation

Promotes Better Sleep

You may also call (206) 769-1625 for immediate bookings.

Pricing for Hotel Massage

1 Hour 90 Minutes Events
$$Please contact us for pricing.

*Evening rates may apply.

*The above rates may vary depending on travel distance.

*Our services are subject to availability.

Hours for Hotel Massage

7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

7 Days a Week

Note: We are open late for the added convenience of business travelers, vacationers, and people working odd shifts. All massages performed as defined by the Washington State Board of Massage.

Hotel Massage Services for Individuals and Couples

Jet Lag Recovery Massage

This is a massage designed to alleviate common discomforts of long-distance flights or travel and to rejuvenate and relax the weary traveler. A massage is one of the best natural jet lag treatments around. 

Relaxation Massage - Swedish Massage

This classic stress-relieving massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to reduce tension, increase circulation and induce relaxation. A massage that’s great for unwinding - it will leave the mind and body rested and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a combination of Swedish massage and special techniques to affect the deeper layer of muscle. It relieves chronic pain and soreness, releases tension and pain associated with stress, and rebalances your body.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared towards athletes. It utilizes specific massage techniques to help prevent injuries, prepare the body for athletic activity, and maintain it in optimal condition as well as to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

Aromatherapy Massage - Lavender Luxury

Relax your body and surrender to tranquility with a soothing massage enhanced by the calming aroma of natural plant essences. Aromatherapy massage is a great way to restore and relax. Please request aromatherapy when booking to be sure your therapist arrives with the right tools.

Hotel Massage Services for Groups and Special Events

Special Event Massage at Your Hotel

Massage provided at your special event (holidays, showers, weddings, birthdays, etc.) can vary from 10- to 15-minute chair massages to hour-long table massages. Please see our Event Massage page for more details.

Corporate Massage Events at Your Hotel

If you are looking to add chair massage to your corporate event held at a local hotel, please see our Chair Massage Page for more details

Hotel Employee Wellness Massage

Featured hotel clients that have used our chair massage services for their employee appreciation and housekeeping week events:

Massage Traveler™ LLC
Massage Traveler™ LLC
Massage Traveler™ LLC
Massage Traveler™ LLC
Massage Traveler™ LLC
Massage Traveler™ LLC

What to Expect for In-Room Massage

Reservations – There is no need for a reservation. Once you call, we can have a therapist at your door the same day. However, if you prefer to make a reservation and have advance notice, we can gladly reserve a time for you.

Setup - Your licensed massage therapist will provide a high-quality massage table, soft and clean linens, music, lotion, and all the necessary tools to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Draping - A sheet or towel will modestly cover you at all times. You may undress to your comfort level or remain clothed. The massage can be modified to work through the sheets or clothing. Modest draping is required by law. All of our therapists adhere to all legal and ethical standards.

Privacy - Before and after the massage, the therapist will excuse himself or herself so that you may get on/off the table in private.

Health History - For your safety and health, we ask that you fill out a brief health history form. This form will remain confidential.

Note: All massage therapists are professionally trained, licensed, and insured. All massage services are performed as defined by the Washington State Board of Massage

Jet Lag Information

Interestingly, it is not the length of the flight that determines how much jet lag you experience. Instead, it is the number of time zones you go through. Traveling long distances and across time zones can cause some travelers to suffer from disorientation as their body clocks struggle to adjust to the new environment.

Other physical symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, swollen limbs, stomach distress, headache, and decrease in concentration and short-term memory. Massage can help relieve these symptoms and regulate sleeping patterns. A massage is one of the best natural jet lag treatments around. In addition to getting a massage, be sure to stay well hydrated, and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Massage Traveler™ LLC


“Thank you for the wonderful service you provided when our team was in Seattle. Your professionalism and service was outstanding.”  

Rick S., General Manager, Houston Texans Football Team

“As a flight attendant, I find that getting a massage is the best way to relax at the end of a long travel day. Whenever I fly to Seattle, I book a massage in my hotel with

Massage Traveler. The service is excellent, the therapists are professional and I am confident that I will always get a great massage.”

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant

“I use this service whenever I go to Seattle. I used to go a lot more than I do these days and the service from Massage Traveler is one of the things I miss most. The therapist is highly skilled and comes right to you. It's a great service for weary travelers, especially after a long cross-country flight and tense business dealings. I highly recommend this service and look forward to getting back to Seattle.”

Tom H., Wayne, PA