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The Best Massage Table to Buy for your Home

This post will help you choose the perfect massage table for your home. [Advice from a licensed massage therapist.] Reading time: 2min, 6sec. “What massage table should I buy for my home?”  I get asked this question frequently by new clients looking to buy a massage table for their home.  Clients want to know what…

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How to Plan a Successful Chair Massage Event at Your Office

This post will guide you through how to plan and organize a chair massage event. It will offer tips and advice as well as answer many of the questions you may have. In addition, it will give examples of what other companies have done and will provide a list of what mistakes to avoid.

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Guide to Creating the Best Outdoor Massage Experience at Home

In this post, you will find tips and advice for both clients and massage therapists on how to create the best outdoor massage experience.

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Blog Introduction

My journey into the Blogosphere is coming soon! This blog will combine my passions for travel, massage and photography. It ...
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