Guide to Creating the Best Outdoor Massage Experience at Home

Massage Traveler’s Guide to Creating the Best Outdoor Massage Experience at Home

In this post, you will find tips and advice for both clients and massage therapists on how to create the best outdoor massage experience.

So, you’re thinking about getting an outdoor massage at your home?

Great idea!

There’s nothing better than relaxing on a massage table and feeling the summer breeze sweep over your face while listening to the birds chirping, the sounds of the wind in the trees, and the rustling of leaves.

Outdoor massage is a wonderful escape from the ordinary spa experience.

Tips and Advice for Clients

Things to consider when preparing for your outdoor massage at home include:

1. Space

You will need a level surface with a space of at least 10×10; this will be enough room for a massage table and plenty of room for the therapist to move around. Patios, decks, gardens, rooftops, poolside – the more private, the better. Getting a massage in the shade is better than being in the direct sun.

2.  What do clients need to provide? 

A mobile massage therapist will bring everything needed for the massage. If you tend to run on the cold side and think you may get chilled in the shade, you may want to have a light blanket handy. If bugs are a problem in your area, you will want to have insect repellant available. On a hot day, you may want to have a bottle of water by the table for your use.

3.  When is the best time of day to schedule a massage outdoors? 

Anytime – early morning, noon, or even at night under the stars!

4.  What should a client wear? 

What you wear will depend on how private your outdoor space is and your comfort level.  Massages can be received with or without clothing on. If you have complete privacy in your backyard, I would suggest undressing to your comfort level – the same as if you were indoors. If you have nosey neighbors, you might want to make some adjustments. 

5.  Environment and distractions

There may be times that you may not have control over the environment. Examples include when a neighbor decides on mowing his grass during your massage, the jingle of the ice cream truck passing by, a car alarm going off, construction workers making noises down the street, or even a very loud rooster’s crowing during an early morning massage. I love it when the roosters crow during a massage!

Most people are so relaxed during an outdoor massage that these sounds do not bother them as much as you would think. My advice is to soak in the sounds of your natural environment.

Zen Interrupted: One of my favorite distractions while working outside is when my client’s beautiful pet peacock decides to make an entrance at some point during the massage. He will strut around, admire his reflection in the glass door, and then do a little dance. The show he puts on always makes me smile.

6.  What if it rains? 

Always be prepared to take your massage indoors when needed.

7.  Additional suggestion 

Be sure and speak with the massage therapist before your appointment to go over all the details and to let the therapist know that you prefer to have your massage outdoors. Knowing ahead of time that you prefer an outdoor massage will help the massage therapist arrive better prepared for the appointment.

8.  Focus on being present during the massage

Take a deep breath, focus on your breathing, feel the cool breeze across your skin, listen to sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, and enjoy every minute of bliss!

Tips for Being Present During Your Massage

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Take a deep breath and focus on the moment you’re in
  3. Ask yourself these questions: What do I hear? What do I feel? How am I feeling at this moment? 
  4. Think about what you are grateful for at this moment 
  5. Focus again on deep breathing 

Tips and Advice for Massage Therapists

1. What to pack

Pack essential items you typically bring for mobile massage (such as a massage table, sheets, lotion, etc.) along with the following for yourself: sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, extra water/Gatorade, an extra clothing layer in case it is chilly, and proper shoes in case you are standing on a cement floor.

2.  Music

Always bring music with you; however, with outdoor massage, sometimes the best music is the sound of the natural environment. 

3.  Tip for putting your massage table on the grass 

When you know ahead of time you will be working on grass, bring 4 used tuna cans (or any metal can will do). Put the cans under each leg of your table. These will help keep the massage table from sinking into the grass and will also help keep your table legs clean.

4. Wind

Be mindful of the wind. When it’s windy outside, be sure to pin down the top sheet securely. You certainly don’t want the top sheet flying off of your client during a sudden gust of wind. Clothespins, chip clips, or even tucking the sheet under the client work well.

5.  Provide an experience

Provide more of an experience for your client, not just a massage – something that resonates with them and goes beyond a simple service that they can get from a regular spa or provider.

6.  Be present and mindful

Quiet the mind, focus on touch, and be as present as possible in the moment. Focus on each massage stroke.

7.  Gratitude

Give thanks for the opportunity to work in an outdoor environment and for the client who is willing to be vulnerable and trust you to honor their massage needs.


Spending time outdoors is incredibly healing to the human body. Outdoor massage is beneficial whether you are the person giving the massage or receiving a massage. 

Try it. Enjoy every minute of it! You may love it more than indoor massage.

“In all of nature, there is something marvelous”


From Massage Traveler: 

“As a massage therapist, I love working in the outdoors. In my 19+ years of experience, I have found that clients relax much more when getting a massage outdoors – there’s something about being outdoors that soothes and relaxes a person much more quickly and deeply.”

“I prefer the massage nomad lifestyle; however, if I ever did choose to have an office, I would choose the great outdoors!” 

“My favorite outdoor massage moment: The ahhh moment when you feel the summer breeze on your face, close your eyes, and take in a deep breath!”

Invitation for feedback

What are your favorite outdoor massage moments?

Any tips or advice I left out?

Massage Traveler

Ann Janca is the founder and hands behind Massage Traveler. She lives and works in Seattle, Washington, 8-9 months of the year and provides mobile massage to her clients at their location. The other 3-4 months, she can be found relaxing in a hot spring or spa during her travels around the world. She is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician who has visited over 80 countries on 6 continents. She searches for unique spa and massage experiences around the world.

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